If your church is looking for a fresh way to engage with the Bible and put the words of Jesus into practice, The Ninefold Path could be the next step on your journey!

This ‘experiential journey through the ancient wisdom of the beatitudes’ (found in Matthew 5) was developed by author and speaker Mark Scandrette, with former Lifewords CEO Danielle Welch, and a global collective of practitioners. It was piloted in churches in UK,USA, South Australia, South Asia and East Africa.

“The way of Jesus seems more practical to me now because I have learned some easy-to-use tools. I wish I’d known earlier how awesome this really is.” —Rhanee Tsetsakos

“It’s not a Bible study, it’s applied theology, it’s practice, it’s useful, it’s a way of life!” -Jamie Sweet

The ‘Notebook’ is designed for individual or group use. Each beatitude (or, ‘beat’) offers a short invitation to reflect on, with 3 practical ‘experiments’ to put the words of Jesus into action in our daily lives. Created for our NINE BEATS project, we are excited to invite churches to find out how the beats can revolutionize our lives, our communities and even our world.

‘Together with the rest of Jesus’ ‘ sermon on the mount, these ‘beats’ remain so compelling, welcoming, and transformative today. Let’s encourage many to walk the ninefold path with us.’ Steve Bassett (Founder, Creative director, NINE BEATS project)

These ‘beats’ speak about empire and power; about changing the world; about our inner selves and daily habits. They invite us to a way of trust, lament, humility, justice, compassion, right motive, peace-making, surrender, and radical love.

“The Ninefold Path connects to the most important parts of our lives— daring us to join in God’s activity in the world and to experience the flourishing that can happen in our relationships, in our lives and for others.”—Jesse Size

Order The Ninefold Path Notebook in packs of 5 for £15 at www.ninefoldpath.org
A group leaders guide (‘The Ninefold Path Learning Lab’), and other online video/content is also available.